Jonathan Frakes Pours Salt on Star Trek Fans' Wounds: Don't Hold Your Breath For Another Movie

Jonathan Frakes Pours Salt on Star Trek Fans' Wounds: Don't Hold Your Breath For Another Movie
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The likelihood of another Star Trek: The Next Generation movie has been a hot topic of discussion among fans for years.

While there have been rumors and hints of a potential new film, nothing concrete has ever been revealed. Now, a statement made by Next Generation favorite Jonathan Frakes, suggests the possibility of another movie in the franchise is likely light-years away at the very least.

What did Jonath Frakes say about the next TNG movie?

In a recent discussion with FX Magazine, Frakes openly gave his thoughts on what the future prospects of Star Trek and TNG could be.

In his words, movies (in general) are tough to make. He compares the struggles of other Star Trek projects which have had difficulties. Including J.J. Abrams' complications with the fourth installment of the Kelvin-timeline reboot films.

He also mentioned how Noah Hawley and separately Quentin Tarantino have shown interest in making a Star Trek film of their own. However, nothing has ever materialised from either. Frakes ends his statement by sharing his opinion that, to him, TV is the future.

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Why it's so difficult to make a Star Trek movie

One of the main reasons for the lack of a new Next Generation movie is the financial performance of the previous films. The last film in the series, Star Trek: Nemesis, was released in 2002 and was not a commercial success. The film grossed only $43 million at the box office domestically, far less than its $60 million budget. This financial performance likely played a role in the decision not to move forward with another film.

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Despite these challenges, there is still a significant fanbase for Star Trek: The Next Generation and a desire for more content from the series. Fans have been calling for a new film for years, and there have been occasional hints from cast members and producers that a new movie may be in the works.

The future of TNG

While the possibility of a new TNG film is uncertain, it seems unlikely at this point. A new movie may not be in the cards for the Next Generation series. However, the promise of the franchise lives on in the third and final season of Picard, which is due to premiere next month. This season will see the return of the majority of Picard's old crew (and cast) to join him potentially in one last adventure.

The Star Trek franchise also continues in other ways. Focusing on new series and movies by expanding its reach rather than revisiting the past. Including shows such as Star Trek: Discovery, Strange New Worlds, and even Lower Decks, all available on Paramount+. And for the fans of the series who pine for the original TNG, they can still enjoy the beloved characters and stories through re-runs and streaming services.