Karl Urban Would Love To Return In 'Star Trek 4', But Haven't Even Seen The Script

Image credit: Legion-Media

'The Boys' star Karl Urban commented on his possible return to 'Star Trek' franchise as Dr. Leonard 'Bones' McCoy, expressing his hope for it to happen, yet acknowledging possible set-backs.

It's been six years since 'Star Trek: Beyond' hit theatres, and the production of the fourth installment of the saga couldn't be described as anything but troubled. After news of Quentin Tarantino helming the next film turned out to be not true, Matt Shakman was hired to direct the upcoming picture. Seems like the long wait will soon be other, but some facts suggest otherwise.

Speaking to Variety, Karl Urban said that it will be great to "get the gang back together", the only problem being that he haven't even seen the film's script. So does Chris Pine and other original cast members. What would happen if they didn't appreciate the final draft? Will production be halted again and fans will be forced to wait a couple more years? All these questions, as of now, remain unresolved.

'Star Trek 4' will premiere – hopefully – 22 December, 2023.

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