Kevin Costner’s New Western Trailer Just Dropped: Was It Worth Ruining Yellowstone Finale?

Kevin Costner’s New Western Trailer Just Dropped: Was It Worth Ruining Yellowstone Finale?
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After taking the first look at Horizon: An American Saga, fans don’t hold back about Kevin Costner’s sacrificing Yellowstone for this upcoming movie.


  • Kevin Costner ’s Horizon: An American Saga Chapters 1 & 2 will be released on June 28 and August 16, 2024, respectively.
  • The movie just dropped its first big trailer, and it looks promising in terms of its visuals, setting, and cast.
  • Western fans are not happy with Costner ditching Yellowstone but believe that the Horizon movies could well be worth it still.

Some things are meant to go together: coffee and milk; bacon and eggs; definitely not pineapples and pizza; Hollywood and scandals; Kevin Costner and westerns. The latter has been an undeniable truth for decades now as there truly is no love more pure and genuine than this actor has for all those makeshift prairie towns.

Kevin Costner became a Western star long ago, but he didn’t exactly part ways with his latest best project, Yellowstone, on the best terms. The lead actor dropped the show midway through the final season to work on his own Western movies, and after months of speculations, we finally got our first look at Horizon: An American Saga.

Costner’s Horizon Just Dropped Its First Trailer

It was inherently hard to assume anything about Horizon: An American Saga from the short teaser videos we had until today, but the brand-new trailer gives us a decent first look at the first chapter of the movie. The three-minute-long video introduced many cast members, the setting, and the core relationships.

From the visual and audial standpoints, the trailer looks and feels great, with countless cinematic shots of stunning mid-West sceneries, tense action scenes, and grimly amusing banter between characters. Horizon: An American Saga looks like your typical Kevin Costner western movie brought back with the new tech.

But no one expected anything less from Costner, considering his decades of experience. The real question is, was this movie worth dropping Yellowstone?

Western Fans Say Horizon Was Worth It

For any western fan, the choice between Costner and Sheridan is a tough call; both these men provide great content, and their collaboration was a cause for celebration for many fans. But with Costner effectively ruining Yellowstone’s finale to work on Horizon, it comes down to whether it was the right choice… And fans think it was.

“For all the impact that these movies had on the last season of Yellowstone, it looks like it will have been worth it. This may be Kevin Costner's last ‘Hurrah!’ as an epic American director and storyteller, and I suspect he is set to deliver what will become a classic film in American cinematic history, right up there with Dances with Wolves. Now I understand why he fought so damn hard to get these movies made. Can't wait to see it on the silver screen,” YouTube user telosmonos_gustavo wrote.

With Horizon: An American Saga Chapters 1 & 2 releasing on June 28 and August 16, respectively, we’ll soon get our answers. But so far, the trailer looks promising!

Are you excited for Kevin Costner’s Horizon movies?

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