Kristen Stewart Reveals Twilight Sucked Lifeblood Out of Her

Kristen Stewart Reveals Twilight Sucked Lifeblood Out of Her
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The vampire saga made the actress feel off-balance.


  • Bella Swan’s actress confessed that filming the Twilight franchise, which lasted for more than 4 years, caused her emotional burnout.
  • Despite making her popular and demanded, it was a difficult period for Stewart.

Back in 2008, the first installment of the Twilight franchise, based on Stephenie Meyer’s romance fantasy novels, was an enormous commercial success, bringing not only more than $408 million, but also the world popularity to its leading star, Kristen Stewart.

Filming the five movies of the vampire saga took four years of her youth, nevertheless, made one of the most demanded Hollywood’s actresses of Stewart, who was previously known for her performances in Panic Room (2002) and Into the Wild (2007).

In her recent interview on the SmartLess podcast the actress recalled her starring in the Twilight movies, pointing out its negative impact on her life. She stated that she wanted to move forward, but at the same time to do her best for the role of Bella Swan.

“I wanted to make other movies at the same time so badly. I just crashed and burned and barreled my way through those years and just was really… lacked any balance. I was just working constantly,” Stewart opened up about the challenges with Twilight.

Besides, speaking about those years, Stewart claimed it was almost impossible to take part in other projects from 2007 to 2012, which took to film and promote the franchise, because it was “such a loaded period”. Thus, she was chained to her heroine, without having much time and strength to take different roles, which she urged to.

The Internet’s opinions on the actress’ recent statement are divided. Some people start to claim that her complaints are ridiculous as she received not only popularity, but lots of money for playing Bella Swan in Twilight.

“I crash and burn every day at work. For way less money. She’ll be ok,” sarcastically admits Redditor @Mogwai10.

Nevertheless, the other part of the users pointed out the actress’ success in developing her career without having left in people’s minds only as a girl hanging out with a vampire.

“I'm glad to see Kristen Stewart doing well as an actor on her own terms. She's like Daniel Radcliffe and not letting her early work define her career,” states @BBoimler.

Indeed, Stewart is now more than just a Twilight actress, however, the vampire franchise will forever remain in fans’ hearts and in cinematic history.

Twilight is available for rewatching on Netflix and Prime.

Source: Smartless