Lady Gaga Was in The Sopranos, And Nobody Noticed

Lady Gaga Was in The Sopranos, And Nobody Noticed
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Yes, you all missed her out with a poker face.

The Sopranos has proven to be one of the greatest mafia shows of all time. And among the fans of the show are not only the middle-aged men, but also a lot of young people.

The show has something to offer all fans, regardless of age, gender, and status.

There's hardly a true fan of the show who hasn't watched it at least two or three times after the first time. But we have news that will come as a shock even to those who watch the show every year.

Turns out there was a big star in the show that we all missed out, and that was Lady Gaga.

Or is it better to say, a fifteen year old girl named Stefani Germanotta. She was a part of one episode's scene, almost wasn't given any lines but still made an appearance in a hit show as a hot teenage girl in 2001.

She was there in episode 3 of season 9, which was titled The Telltale Moozadell.

The scene where we see Gaga (even though we didn't know it was her at the time) is actually the one where Tony Soprano's son A.J. is trashing the school pool with his friends.

Gaga plays the role of some kind of cheerleader who just smokes, drinks coke and sits there in provocative poses, flirting with the other boys and encouraging them to destroy everything.

We don't blame you for not recognizing her. In fact, the episode was filmed more than 20 years ago, and Gaga looked very different then.

She had dark curly hair, a slightly childish face. Frankly, she looked more like Meadow Soprano to us than the real her that we know today.

This was one of her first TV appearances. As you can see, she was familiar with acting long before she was cast in A Star Is Born.

And even though her role in The Sopranos was just a cameo of a girl with no name, she nailed it!