Leonardo DiCaprio Dumping Girlfriends After They're 25 Turned Into a Meme

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Everything can be a meme these days – even a breakup.

So, news flash: yet another girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio's, Camila Morrone, has been dumped by the actor not long after she turned 25. This has not come across as a surprise to anyone, because DiCaprio is notoriously bad at dating anyone who is over this age.

However, the news did provide some great meme material, with people turning the breakup into something in between a joke and a potential investigation.

"i need to know how leonardo dicaprio conducts these breakups. does he start picking fights months before they turn 25 to be less conspicuous? do they wake up on their birthday to a note that says “sorry i can’t don’t hate me” someone pls investigate" - @weganmilliamson

Someone, however, have already conducted their investigation.

"everyone assumes that he is the one breaking up with all these 25-yr-olds. what really happens is that once a woman's brain finishes developing, she realizes she doesn't wanna be with leonardo dicaprio." – @dietz_meredith

Or maybe it is all part of Leo's big plan to save the planet.

"leonardo dicaprio is actually dating all the under-25s he possibly can to spread the word about climate change to those who will be the most impacted." – @katierpacker

Even football clubs seem to grab the opportunity to jump on the meme train.

Remember the iconic Lana Del Rey song, 'Young and Beautiful', that, ironically, is a soundtrack for 'The Great Gatsby' – a movie where Dicaprio is portraying a hopeless romantic who has been in love with a girl for ages? Yeah, well, not the actor's vibe, sorry.

But DiCaprio's own movies are not the only ones that served meme material for yet another breakup of his. Who could have thought that 'Twilight' would also work so well?

Don't like 'Twilight'? Lucky you: new mainstream projects, like 'House of the Dragon', also have something that Dicaprio can click with.

Raise your hand if you're too old to date Leo DiCaprio. Don't worry, the experience says that usually means you still have a whole life ahead of you.

Leonardo DiCaprio has dated over a dozen women of different ages, but not a single relationship lasted long enough for any of them to celebrate their 26th birthday while still being Leo's girlfriend.

And there has been nothing more stable than that as of now.

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