Looks Like Adam Driver and Margot Robbie Are Not Joining Fantastic Four

Looks Like Adam Driver and Margot Robbie Are Not Joining Fantastic Four
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Marvel can't seem to make up their minds.

Fantastic Four is the upcoming MCU movie, scheduled to be released in 2025. We don’t know much about the movie yet. Fans have been dying to know the cast of the film, and rumors have been going around four particular actors.

Rumors have been suggesting that these actors will take on the roles of the members of The Fantastic Four: Adam Driver as Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Margot Robbie as Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman), Paul Mescal as Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), and Daveed Diggs as Ben Grimm (The Thing).

However, a recent report dispels the rumors. According to the insider KC Walsh, both Adam Driver and Margot Robbie are out of the running for these roles.

In an interview with John Rocha, Collider’s Jeff Sneider said that Driver apparently demanded too much for the role. Sneider said “Adam Driver may have priced himself out. He may have just started asking for too much money.”

MCU’s Fantastic Four will be the second reboot of this team on the big screens. The original Fantastic Four movie by 20th Century Fox was released in 2005, with its subsequent sequel in 2007.

The team was later rebooted in 2015’s Fantastic Four. The movie received poor critical reviews and audience reception.

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Fantastic Four (2005)

The arrival of the team in the franchise has been a long-awaited event for fans. With only a few hints and glimpses provided by Marvel, fans have been left to speculate about how this iconic team will fit into the larger MCU.

Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, the only appearance of The Fantastic Four was in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The only member who made a brief appearance in the film, was Reed Richards from a parallel universe, portrayed by John Krasinski.

The only thing we currently know about Fantastic Four is that Jon Watts, the director of the Spider-Man trilogy in the MCU, was initially set to direct the film. However, it was later announced that Matt Shakman, the director of WandaVision, would helm the project.

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