Major 'Moon Knight' Fan Theory Just Confirmed By Series Writer

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The latest Disney + MCU series is rife with mysteries for fans to solve, but none as surprising as the early reveal of Jake Lockley's presence… in the very first episode.

The series centers on a mild-mannered gift store worker named Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) who suffers from an unusual sleep disorder. It soon becomes clear that Grant is actually hiding another personality named Mark Spector, a former soldier serving an ancient Egyptian deity and trying to stop evil from corrupting the world. Two personalities in one man – now that is enough to keep fans' attention, so the finale, adding yet another, very dangerous personality named Jake Lockley, really wowed viewers.

Interestingly enough, some fans were able to predict his potential appearance already in the very first episode of the show. In one scene, viewers are surprised to learn that shy Steven is actually going on a date with his colleague – needless to say, Steven was as surprised as anyone else. It was clear that this was only because of his extra-identity, but clearly not because of Spector (who was still married). So who was this unknown charmer?

According to series writer Jason Slater, it must be Lockley who got a date for himself but didn't show up, forcing an unsuspecting Stephen to do it for him.

"I think it has to be [Jake Lockley]. The date thing wasn't something that I wrote into the script. That was something that happened during production. But for me, Marc doesn't necessarily make sense if he's trying to protect Steven from his life. It doesn't necessarily make sense that he would also be hitting on his coworkers. So for me, yeah, that has to be Jake," Slater said to

Some viewers were able to spot this long before it was confirmed, which proves once again that sometimes fans are pretty good at figuring out MCU trivia.

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