Major 'Westworld' Character Returns In Season 4 Premiere

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One of the main characters from the first and second seasons returns to the HBO series, but is he really what fans imagined him to be?

The first season introduced viewers to the wild world of theme parks, where androids, or hosts as they are called in the show, fulfill their owners' every wish. So, the world of the Wild West, run by terrifying Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins), managed to become quite a fascinating place to explore, and although the narrative moved away from the park in the next two seasons, fans continue to love it and the characters who were there at the time. And none were as popular as Teddy Flood, played by James Marsden.

Yes, you didn't misread that – in the premiere episode of season four, the love-struck cowboy, once tasked with protecting Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) at all costs, returns. Fans last saw the square-jawed heartthrob in season two, when the faithful cowboy discovered that the love of his life had betrayed him by changing his inner workings, making him completely devoted to her, and ended up committing suicide by shooting himself in the head. But, as all 'Westworld' fans know very well, the host cannot be killed with just a shot, you have to destroy its pearl (something like the soul or the core of a computer).

And maybe that didn't really happen to Teddy, because Dolores took his pearl and used it to create a new generation of robots. Fans still believed that Marsden's version of Teddy was dead for good, and only his spirit lived somewhere. But a recent episode finally put that idea to rest – fans saw Dolores being attacked by a stalker, who was then suddenly knocked down by a mysterious protector with the very distinctive jaw. Who could it have been?

"I'm just so glad to have James Marsden back. He was sorely missed especially last season. Can't have Dolores with her Teddy." – /Classic_Wingers.

The real reason for Teddy's return will probably be revealed in upcoming episodes of season four.

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