Marisa Ramirez Gushing Over Donnie Wahlberg Makes Blue Bloods Fans Want Daez Even More

Marisa Ramirez Gushing Over Donnie Wahlberg Makes Blue Bloods Fans Want Daez Even More
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While Marisa Ramirez and Donnie Wahlberg have repeatedly stated they don't want their Blue Bloods characters in a romantic relationship, Daez fans have continued to ship the lovable duo.

Especially since Ramirez spoke about her real-life friendship with Wahlberg, some fans are just awaiting the day the partners finally get romantic.

Blue Bloods is Ramirez's longest stint as an actor; she's played Detective Maria Baez since season 3 of the show's thirteen seasons, and has spent more time with her co-stars on the project than anything else in her working career. Naturally, this has led to some close friendships.

Ramirez is particularly close to Wahlberg, who plays her character's partner, Danny Reagan. Reagan and Baez have been through some of the most dramatic moments together, and their chemistry is always evident.

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Country Living posted an interview with Ramirez, claiming that the duo has the "sweetest off-screen relationship."

"We just love each other," she told PopCulture. "I'm so excited to be at work with him and to feel safe with someone who knows me."

She went as far as to say that, if it weren't for Wahlberg, she might not even be on the show anymore. That's how much she appreciates her working relationship with the actor. Both actors have said that they don't want to see their characters written into a romantic relationship. They have the perfect partnership; there's bickering and disagreements, but also genuine trust and friendship.

Fans firmly disagree. They were particularly vocal earlier this season when Danny began dating someone else.

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One fan tweeted that Blue Bloods had been setting up this relationship for a decade, and that Danny not being with Baez was cruel to both her character and the fans.

Yet another fan said that they'd be done with Blue Bloods if they pair Danny with retiring detective Laura Acosta, because he and Baez "deserve to be together." To this Wahlberg replied with a laughing emoji, joking that maybe this will bring them closer.

Despite the uproar, there are many fans that sit on the actors' side. Too often, they claim, police procedurals stick their stars in forced relationships. The purity of their friendship is what makes Baez and Danny work so well together; to make it romantic would ruin everything that's been built up.

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For his part, Wahlberg once stated that he fears if their characters get together, he wouldn't be able to shoot police-based scenes with Ramirez anymore – and then he'd just miss his friend.