Mark Ruffalo Teases One MCU Comeback That No One Actually Wants

Mark Ruffalo Teases One MCU Comeback That No One Actually Wants
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It would seem that the story of Iron Man was wrapped up once and for all in Avengers: Endgame... but was it?

Tony Stark got a decent ending, and while it caused fans to use dozens of tissues, most people were glad the story ended the way it did.

As far as we know, Marvel Studios had no intention of returning Iron Man to the MCU in any form — either a full-fledged appearance or a flashback. However, the recent words of Mark Ruffalo have put some doubt in the hearts of the fans.

At the recent Emerald City Comic-Con, the actor was asked about the possibility of Tony Stark's return to the franchise, and his answer became the subject of heated debate.

"[...] There is a time machine. And there are alternate universes and realities, so anything could happen," the actor said at the convention.

Many fans did not like the possibility of the return of Tony Stark, who died saving people, doing the right thing. And his return could, with a high degree of probability, simply spoil and diminish the significance of Iron Man's sacrifice.

"I love Downey and Tony as much as anybody, but I believe he should not return to the MCU. His send-off was perfect. Don't soil it," Twitter user proudmarvelfan commented.

While some of the fans are losing it over Mark's words, others remember his reputation for not being able to keep secrets from the fandom.

More than once, there have been situations when the actor accidentally leaked plot information during an interview. Some people think that he is just supporting his image with such a comment.

"I think Ruffalo is just running off at the mouth and being silly since he knows he has a reputation for 'leaks,'" Reddit user DJWGibson commented.

Fans are hoping that Marvel executives will listen to their opinion and not bring Tony Stark back from a well-deserved rest.

Moreover, Robert Downey Jr. is already busy with a number of projects, including Guy Ritchie 's new Sherlock Holmes film and Jamie Foxx's All-Star Weekend.

Anyway, fans are unlikely to find out about the return of Tony Stark before they actually go to the theater to see new MCU movies, so the only thing left to do is wait.