Marvel Delays Both Upcoming Avengers Movies by a Year

Marvel Delays Both Upcoming Avengers Movies by a Year
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The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars will be released one year later each, and this is a good old Marvel move if we've ever seen one.

When it comes to Marvel Studios, it's always naive to assume that a movie will be released on the initially promised date.

The studio loves itself a good production delay, and this has been its trademark for years now... Still, considering the fast-approaching new Phase, we were kind of expecting Marvel to buckle up a bit, we guess?..

But much like war (or secret war, if you will), Marvel never changes. Recently, the studio announced that both the next Avengers entries are getting delayed by one year each. The new release date for The Kang Dynasty is May 1, 2026 — and for Secret Wars, it's May 7, 2027.

There's a plethora of potential reasons for the delay, the Writer's strike being the most obvious one.

The WGA's protests have seriously affected a vast majority of movies and TV series in the works, and no one would be surprised if the strike turned out to have caused the delay of the upcoming Avengers entries.

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On the other side of the table, there's Disney and its constant blockbuster rejigs. You can't ever be sure with the megacorp, but it seems rather logical that Disney's executives might have had something to do with the delays — in case they wanted to make room for some other movies that year, for instance.

Then again, there's Deadpool 3 that's been affected by the Writer's strike no less than any other big movie.

Still, unlike Avengers, the last Deadpool installment somehow managed to improve its production time: it's been announced that the Merc with the Mouth will hit the theaters even sooner than expected. How does that make any sense?

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In the upcoming days, we're expecting to read the wildest theories from the Marvel fan community explaining the delay of both new Avengers movies.

As long as the execs don't provide valid reasons, the fans will be sure to come up with their own ideas — and as usual, one or two people will turn out to be right with their guesses.