Marvel Fans Came Up With the Weirdest 'Doctor Strange' Love Story Possible

Marvel Fans Came Up With the Weirdest 'Doctor Strange' Love Story Possible
Image credit: Legion-Media

Whatever you're thinking of right now is probably not it.

So, you know, what if Doctor Strange 's Levitation Cloak falls in love with Clea's cape?

What? Yes. This is exactly what fans are actively discussing right now on Twitter, with the pairing idea being surprisingly popular and debate-triggering.

Like, how would that happen? What would be the drama? What could the kids (yep) look like?..

Some people thought it could be a nice pitch for 'What If?'

What, you think we were joking about fans discussing the potential kids of magical capes? Duh.

People are borderline serious about wanting to see that... chemistry... between a cloak and a cape.

Well, even though there has been no Doctor Strange sequel announcement yet, Stephen did meet Clea in the end of 'Multiverse of Madness' (notably, without a cloak, so the two are not introduced yet...).

Clea, who is portrayed in the MCU by Charlize Theron, is Doctor Strange's love interest in the comic books. She is the daughter of the Dark Dimension ruler, so that does not necessarily make her relationship with the wizard easier. In the comics, though, Clea did eventually become Stephen Strange's wife and, eventually, the next Sorcerer Supreme.

But when you are literal capes, you do not care about who is the father of your love interest. So even if the MCU versions of Strange and Clea will not end up together, we all know who (or, more precisely, what) might…