Marvel Had to Cut This Surprisingly Disturbing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Scene

Marvel Had to Cut This Surprisingly Disturbing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Scene
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Marvel released a deleted scene from the last Guardians movie, and we can definitely see why it was cut: it’s like the most out-of-place disturbing speech we’ve seen in the MCU.

Guardians of the Galaxy has always been an insanely successful and beloved franchise, and over the years, its fan base has only grown larger. James Gunn ’s brilliant directing, Chris Pratt ’s wit and sharpness, and the cast and crew’s dedication brought us a phenomenal mix of space action and lighthearted superhero comedy.

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise clearly has its own tone of voice and style, and the audience grew very used to it. It remained intact throughout all three movies, and seeing it suddenly change would’ve been really weird… Still, it almost happened in Vol. 3, and if Marvel hadn’t cut out this scene, we would’ve been in for a surprise.

The studio recently released the deleted scene, and we can clearly see why it didn’t make it to the final version of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It’s just so random!

In the clip, injured Adam Warlock describes his revenge plan to his “mother” Ayesha soon after their first altercation with the Guardians. The young man is pissed, and his bloodthirst leads him to present his future revenge in the most gory details that really don’t fit into the GotG franchise. Even Ayesha thinks he’s gone too far with that.

"Do not fret, mother. I will kill all your enemies for you... I will stomp on their skulls. I'm going to mush their brains between my fingers. I'm going to piss on their bodies and make love to their carcasses,” Warlock tells his “mother.”

Considering how little this violent thought train fits the previous image of Adam Warlock we saw in the movie, even Ayesha is taken aback by his words. She glances at her “son” worriedly and simply tells him that in her opinion, it’s “a bit much.” We can’t help but agree with her after listening to Adam’s deleted tirade.

Good thing Marvel cut this scene out. They almost butchered Warlock’s character there.