Marvel Might Split Its Most Anticipated Avengers Movie Into Two Parts

Marvel Might Split Its Most Anticipated Avengers Movie Into Two Parts
Image credit: Legion-Media

What's better than two Avengers movies? Three Avengers movies!

Harry Potter 's technique of splitting one big movie into two seems to still be a thing, and it looks like Marvel is on its way to applying it to its most anticipated Avengers movie, Secret Wars.

At least that's what new viral rumors are claiming, without any official confirmation from the studio. However, it looks like the fandom is already all for the idea of splitting the Secret Wars movie into two parts, as the event is simply too big to be covered cohesively in just one movie.

"I've been campaigning for this since Secret Wars was delayed from Nov 2025. Secret Wars should be delayed to 2029, and preceded by Avengers: Incursions," Twitter user Slipstrada said.

Some people, however, are confused, as they believed that Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars were already a go as an Infinity Saga blueprint, since they are basically the two parts of the same event. Others argue that the scope is too big and that a third film is a must.

"I think it's now become a [three-part] event, assuming something drastic happens in Kang Dynasty which sets up Secret Wars 1&2… I mean a good way to try and top of Infinity War & [Endgame] with 3 movies instead of 2 for the major event?" Twitter user burnfrenchtoast suggested.

If this is the case, some fans are already counting the number of floating heads on the posters for the upcoming event. Given that the MCU is currently actively exploring the multiverse, the number of characters that could participate in the event is almost unlimited.

However, it may be too early to jump to conclusions before MCU Phase Five has even begun. It will begin with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which hits theaters on February 17 and introduces Kang as the big bad of the new phase.