Matrix 4 Could Have Been Just As Great As Logan, But Shamelessly Blew It

Matrix 4 Could Have Been Just As Great As Logan, But Shamelessly Blew It
Image credit: Legion-Media

If only the creators had stuck to their original ideas, the fans could have gotten a completely different and fresh story.

When it was announced that The Matrix would return to the big screen with a fourth film, most fans had only one question on their minds: why?

The story ended quite well with The Matrix Revolutions, and absolutely no one asked for a sequel.

Apparently, Lana Wachowski had the same thing in mind, as The Matrix Resurrection blatantly slaps the audience in the face with "we didn't want it, the studio did" statements throughout the film.

This self-deprecation, however, did not prevent the film from being panned by critics and the public, and from becoming a box-office flop.

But what if we told you that the movie had everything it needed to be great, had the creators not criminally underused their own ideas?

According to many fans, the first third/half of the movie was actually quite good. The Matrix Resurrection could have been a great psychological thriller about a man struggling to separate reality from fiction.

At the beginning of the movie, Thomas Anderson, once again portrayed by Keanu Reeves, is living a seemingly normal life as a video game creator.

However, he suffers from confusing what he perceives as reality with his dreams, leading to frequent visits to a therapist.

Imagine what a great story it could have been if the writers had decided to stick with the original idea instead of pushing it back in favor of a mediocre action flick.

The story of a man torn between his delusions and reality, desperately searching for answers in a world that thinks he is insane, could have been a great new dramatic take on a familiar character.

They even did not need to resurrect Neo, which defeated the whole purpose of the ending of the previous movie, making him a malfunctioning program created in an attempt to replicate Neo's personality.

They basically did the same thing with Morpheus, the idea was there and they screwed it up.

Of course, that would have drastically departed from the tone of the entire franchise. But James Mangold's 2017 film Logan did the same thing with the X-Men franchise, turning Wolverine's story into a drama.

And what a beautiful movie it turned out to be, a perfect farewell to the beloved character.

If the creators of The Matrix were so desperate to make a sequel, at least they could have made it something new and experimental instead of the bland mediocrity it turned out to be.