Matthew Perry Once Opened Up About His Best Work, And It Wasn’t Friends’ Chandler 

Matthew Perry Once Opened Up About His Best Work, And It Wasn’t Friends’ Chandler 
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Could this be any more heartbreaking?


  • Chandler Bing is one of the most famous roles of Matthew Perry
  • However, Perry himself considered his best movie to be Fools Rush In.
  • Salma Hayek considered their time in the movie one of the greatest experiences.

Several days ago the world was shattered with the news of Matthew Perry’s unexpected death. The actor was only 54 years old, and nobody from his fans or his close ones ever expected this tragedy to happen to him.

Over the course of the past few days, the media has been full of comments from his former colleagues and from all the people he once shared a moment in life with. And there are only great words that mention how light-hearted, kind and funny Perry was.

The majority of fans loved Perry for his iconic role as Chandler Bing in the cult classic sitcom Friends. And what's not to love? Chandler was the best-written character, he was the one who always supported his friends, never crossed the line in behavior and always made everyone around him laugh.

Frankly, after watching many behind the scenes videos from when Friends were filming, it seems like Chandler and Matthew really had a lot in common, that’s why the on screen character felt like a friend to the fans.

In various interviews, the actor had mentioned that the time in Friends was a blast for him and for all the other cast members. However, a recent tribute post in Instagram from Salma Hayek shed a light on another project that Perry was really proud of.

It’s the movie Fools Rush In that the actors did together in 1997. And a screenshot Hayek shared with the fans had Perry saying that it “was probably my best movie.”

What’s So Good About Fools Rush In?

The movie is a romantic comedy directed by Andrew Tennant. Matthew Perry had a role as a project manager from New York and Salma played this wild and free photographer Isabel Fuentes. Those two once share a night together, and after that, Isabel gets pregnant.

As any woman who would describe herself as “free-spirited”, Isabel decides she would keep the baby and deal with everything on her own. However, Alex doesn't think that’s a great idea. He talks her into a real relationship, which quickly turns into marriage.

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In her Instagram, Hayek mentioned that they both talked a lot about the time they starred in this heartwarming movie together and how meaningful that time was for both of them.

It turns out that time was really important to Perry for yet another reason. In his latest book, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, the actor describes his time on the movie.

He mentioned a time on set where he was, as usual, doing his "funny things" when the director came up to him and said that he alone was enough and that he didn't need all these layers of fun to be interesting for the viewer.

Perry mentioned he was deeply touched by the approach Tennant used to make him confident and believe in himself. The actor said in his book that these words helped him to give the best performance in his whole career. That’s why the 1997 movie has its own place in Perry’s heart.