Megan Fox-Led Cult Classic Horror May Soon Get an Unexpected Sequel

Megan Fox-Led Cult Classic Horror May Soon Get an Unexpected Sequel
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Are you ready for a return to Devil's Kettle?


  • Jennifer's Body, now considered a feminist cult film, was destroyed by critics and viewers upon its release due to a misleading advertising campaign.
  • The ad campaign aimed to sexualize Megan Fox, and viewers who came to see a funny horror film ended up seeing a deeply feminist movie, which was deceptive.
  • Diablo Cody, the film's screenwriter, admitted that she is ready to make a sequel to Jennifer's Body, but she needs to find the right partner.

At the time of its release, Jennifer's Body was destroyed by almost all critics and viewers. Part of the reason was the Oscar that screenwriter Diablo Cody had just won for the critically acclaimed Juno.

After the award, Cody was in great demand and expectations were high, but an unsuccessful advertising campaign let her and her work down.

Jennifer’s Body Was Destroyed By Misleading Ad Campaign

The commercials and posters for Jennifer's Body emphasized the sexuality of Transformers star Megan Fox, but to the disappointment of male viewers, they had to watch a deeply feminist movie that played with their expectations in a bad way.

Director Karyn Kusama made a film about female revenge: Jennifer may be a villain, but her need to eat all the men in the area is not only an echo of sexual desire, but also a response to violence against her.

A "masculine" film would see Jennifer only as a body, but Cody and Kusama shift the emphasis so that treating her only as a body, either by men or by Jennifer herself, is the source of all the problems.

Jennifer’s Body Became a Feminist Horror Cult Movie Over Time

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What was not noticed from the beginning was fortunately revealed to many viewers who watched and rewatched the movie later.

They were no longer influenced by the ad campaign aimed at sexualizing Megan Fox, and the viewers finally saw what Cody and Kusama wanted to convey. Over the course of 15 years, the film has gained a large fan base and deservedly earned the status of the cult feminist horror film.

Diablo Cody Wants to Make a Sequel

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What no one thought would ever happen was a sequel to Jennifer's Body, but the movie's screenwriter, Diablo Cody, recently stated that she really wants to do a sequel:

“I wanna do a sequel. I am not done with Jennifer’s Body,” Cody told Bloody Disgusting.

The screenwriter admits that she first needs to find a partner who shares her views and believes in the new movie, and it would be even better if that person had a billion dollars to make it.

Cody admitted that she was humiliated that Jennifer's Body was such a commercial and critical failure, and that it was a difficult experience for both her and Megan Fox.

Jennifer’s Body fans can only hope that Diablo Cody will find the right person with a billion dollars and that the sequel will be released at a time when it will be understood and appreciated.

Source: Bloody Disgusting