Michael Jackson’s Upcoming Biopic’s Trailer Promises a Fresh Angle & At Least 30 Songs Featured

Michael Jackson’s Upcoming Biopic’s Trailer Promises a Fresh Angle & At Least 30 Songs Featured
Image credit: Lionsgate, Legion-Media

The legendary singer’s life-based movie starring his own nephew teases a different prospect of the famous story.


  • Michael Jackson may have had a controversial reputation over the course of his life, but his music legacy has never been brought down which is seemingly proved by the singer’s upcoming biopic.
  • Starring Michael Jackson’s nephew Jaafar Jackson, the movie, according to its creators, has as its goal a demonstration of a different perspective of the singer’s life story.
  • The brand new trailer hasn’t been released publicly yet, and the film itself will hit the cinemas in 2025.

Michael Jackson’s flourishing career and some controversial aspects of his life have constantly been dwelled on ever since his shocking death back in 2009. Despite numerous speculations around the iconic singer’s name, his music has never left the world’s biggest charts — and the upcoming biopic is yet another proof of this.

According to those who got to see it, a brand new trailer for Michael presented yesterday at the Lionsgate panel at CinemaCon confirmed that the film would be indeed jaw-dropping.

Flattered by the movie’s warm welcome among the audience, producer Graham King announced that there will be at least 30 of Jackson’s songs featured in Michael — which implies that the movie will have more than a 2-hour run and thus will bring up the story that hasn’t been told properly all this time in much more details.

Michael Jackson’s Upcoming Biopic’s Trailer Promises a Fresh Angle & At Least 30 Songs Featured - image 1

Clearly referring to the singer’s numerous scandals that jeopardized his reputation, King revealed that the upcoming film will not be focused on all the true and false allegations that Jackson got during his life and even after his death, but rather on the singer’s complicated life and his humbleness behind all the grandeur of his career.

The trailer opens with Michael, portrayed by his strikingly resembling nephew Jaafar Jackson, singing ABC then seamlessly leading to frames that depict one of the singer’s concerts back in the 1990s.

The trailer also features moments of the film where Jackson’s face is covered with a mask while he’s trying to escape the paparazzi’s troublesome attention.

The trailer hasn’t been shown publicly yet, but the creators are reassured that the movie will reunite all the cinephiles across the world, no matter what their opinion about Michael Jackson is, and will let them have a detailed look into the legendary performer’s life.

Apart from Jaafar Jackson, Michael also stars Colman Domingo and Miles Teller.

The film is set to be released on April 18, 2025.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter