Mind-Blowing Secret Wars Theory Reveals Spider-Verse May Be Connected to MCU

Mind-Blowing Secret Wars Theory Reveals Spider-Verse May Be Connected to MCU
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The crossover we secretly dream about.

The latest Spidey cartoon was a critical and commercial success. The creators not only brought a unique style and a lot of references to their work, but also some plot twists that can be connected to the main Marvel Universe.

After watching Across the Spider Verse and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Redditor joseph22002 came up with an interesting theory about Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, which will be released in 2025 and 2027, respectively.

The fan believes that in both cases, the incursions the viewers see in Across the Spider-Verse are, of course, the death of Spider-Man 2099's (aka Miguel O'Hara) second universe, and in the Multiverse of Madness, the dead universe Doctor Strange enters in his dream.

The audience believes that the canon Miguel was so adamant about doesn't exist. The reason his second dimension died was because he spent too much time in the universe Doctor Strange saw in his nightmare.

This could be directly related to the next Avengers movie, Kang Dynasty, as well as Secret Wars. The user is referring to the comics where the incursion occurs as the two universes begin to converge and eventually collide.

This results in their destruction, but brings all other dimensions closer together. The theory is that between the events of the cartoon and the Kang Dynasty, the audience will continue to see these incursions.

But eventually, all the Earths will collide and the multiverse will collapse when the next Avengers story finally takes place and the heroes face off against the villain.

This will be the starting point for Avengers: Secret Wars. The comics have already shown that the remnants of all the Earths will be gathered in a battle world where most people will not remember what happened.

Fans are on board with this theory, but some are in disbelief Sony would collaborate with Marvel in this format. Although many admit that it would be incredibly cool.

Source: Reddit