Misha Collins Cleaning Up Nicely in the Upcoming Gotham Knights

Misha Collins Cleaning Up Nicely in the Upcoming Gotham Knights
Image credit: Legion-Media

Yet another reason to wait for Gotham Knights to finally premiere.

Everyone who has been missing Misha Collins on their screens is now rejoicing as the actor has teased his Harvey Dent look for the upcoming Gotham Knight installment on The CW.

Sharing a new picture in front of the Gotham City Police Department logo via Community text, Collins boasted a freshly groomed look with a tailored suit — just what the police chief ordered, if we may.

"This is my new place of employment," Collins wrote in the caption. "In Gotham, I'm finding that the criminals are ruthless, but the tailored suits are actually quite nice."

Fans were not only excited to check out Misha's new look but also surprised that The CW allowed him to tease anything. However, the fact that the actor only shared the picture with his community might have been his own way to try and avoid mainstream social media — which doesn't seem like a good way to go given that Gotham Knights fans have quickly spread the message in Twitter.

Collins' casting as Harvey Dent was revealed earlier in March, with people being left divided but still excited to check out his major comeback to screens after the role of angel Castiel in Supernatural. Up to this day, some fans keep demanding that he add a trench coat to his Harvey Dent suits — which, to be fair, might be a nice reference that could end up in the final version of the series.

Gotham Knight will premiere on The CW at some point in 2023, with the exact release date yet to be announced. The show will follow the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, who after his death forms an unlikely alliance with the children of Batman 's enemies.