'Morbius' Post-Credit Scenes Left Fans Heavily Disappointed

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People really like secrets in their Marvel blockbusters – sitting through the final titles waiting for post or mid credit scenes became a full-fledged tradition for long-time fans of the Universe. Yet, as the most recent Sony Spider-Man Universe film proves, not all secret scenes are made the same – 'Morbius' ones certainly disappointed most of the fans.

Major spoilers ahead!

Let's get one thing straight – both of the post-credit scenes are very confusing. The first one firmly connects the film to MCU by introducing Adrian Toomes (played by Michael Keaton) to his new cinematic homeland, when he appears out of thin air thanks to, as fans think, Doctor Strange's spell. The second one shows the meeting between The Vulture and Morbius, with Toomes suggesting they should team up to "do some good". Fans were quick to connect this scene to the possible 'Sinister Six' movie. Despite some major revelations, fans were not happy at all.

The main reason for this (according to this Reddit thread) is Sony's decision to hype on the success of 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' – the company is probably building the foundation for the return of Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man, yet the execution is certainly lacks finesse. People were disappointed with major plot-holes those mid-credit scenes leave in the film, and some even found the scenes itself not matching the atmosphere created in 'Morbius'.

" I don't trust Sony at all when it comes to doing the movie justice because they have shown they will do anything to ride MCU's coattails", conlcudes one of the fans.

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