Most Controversial Targaryen Scene Is Coming Up in House of the Dragon S2

Most Controversial Targaryen Scene Is Coming Up in House of the Dragon S2
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House of the Dragon will not shy away from adapting Blood & Fire’s most unhinged and controversial scene, and it’s already coming in season 2, reports suggest.

Warning! This article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon season 2.

George Martin ’s novels are not exactly family-friendly, are they? And neither are their adaptations. We’ve already learned that from the eight seasons of Game of Thrones and the first season of House of the Dragon, but there’s always more coming up — and the next series of the prequel will end with the most brutal and controversial scene from the books.

The Targaryens have their own sense of justice, and it is largely based on answering to violence with equal or larger violence. One of the most famous quotes from Blood & Fire belongs to Daemon who says, "An eye for an eye, a son for a son." Actually, the sequence where he says these words is the one we’re talking about.

The civil war between the Blacks and the Greens intensifies, and following the death of Rhaenyra Targaryen's son Lucerys, Daemon hires two assassins to avenge the pain that was inflicted upon his family. Blood and Cheese, the two killers hired by the most notorious Targaryen, receive very specific instructions from him.

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For Lucerys’ death, Blood and Cheese are supposed to murder one of Aegon's sons — and when they arrive at Helaena's chambers, they ask her which of her two children they should kill. Helaena chooses Maelor who is too young to understand anything — and instead, Blood and Cheese decapitate Jaehaerys, the eldest, right before his mother.

The brutality of this scene can’t be overestimated, and we’re pretty convinced that House of the Dragon will adapt it completely. While speaking to Variety, the show’s writer Sara Hess hinted at this storyline coming to fruition in the finale of season 2.

"We are currently writing the finale of season 2. I don't think you will be disappointed,” Hess shared when asked about this particular sequence.

Well, it seems like the most gruesome and controversial scene in House of the Dragon by far is coming our way, so brace yourselves. It will be gruesome, gory, and heartbreaking for everyone who can empathize with Helaena’s pain.

Source: Variety