'Ms. Marvel' Changed Kamala's Symbol Origin – And Fans Are Awed By It

'Ms. Marvel' Changed Kamala's Symbol Origin – And Fans Are Awed By It
Image credit: Legion-Media

In Marvel comics, Ms. Marvel's symbol is a lightning bolt, but Disney's 'Ms. Marvel' offers a different take on that.

Every episode of 'Ms. Marvel' appears to be Kamala Khan basically constructing her entire superhero identity and look from one episode to another. In the first episodes, she came up with a makeshift suit and found her superpower bangle, then she got her mask – a lovely gift from her friend Bruno.

In episode 5, Kamala's superhero look was updated with the red scarf from Kareem… and, it would seem, with her signature symbol that now appears to have a different story.

Ever noticed Kamala playing with her little necklace with the Arabic letter from her name? Well, it turns out that a fan theory (initially introduced by @watchwithneebz) was right all along: Kamala's symbol is not a lightning bolt, it's the first letter of her name that altered its shape after her fight with the Clandestines.

The one who picked up the broken necklace was Kamala's mother, and a separate shot of it gives us a clear look at it – clear enough to realize that Ms. Marvel's symbol is now officially here.

The new origin story behind the symbol seems to be yet another nod to representation and the important role of Kamala's roots in her superhero identity.

This could mean that episode 6 will finally reveal Kamala Khan in her full glory as Ms. Marvel, now that she seems to have understood her origins and her mission, as well as assembling her suit.

We will see next Wednesday, July 13, when the yet-to-be-titled finale premieres on Disney Plus.