'Ms. Marvel' Co-creator Explains Why Kamala Khan's Powers are Different in the Show

Image credit: Marvel Studios

In comics, Ms. Marvel is capable of extending her body and shape-shifting, but it seems that the upcoming TV show is going to change that a bit – to great discontent of some fans.

One of 'Ms. Marvel' co-creators, Sana Amanat, has addressed the fans' grievances regarding Kamala Khan's powers in the TV show, that have been confirmed by Kevin Feige (as well as the first trailer) to be different from her abilities described in the comics.

According to Amanat, fans' concerns are understandable, but she assures that Marvel decided to alter Ms. Marvel's powers so that they fit better with the MCU lore and storylines.

"It's really fun to give Kamala different kinds of powers that feel big in scope and cinematic in a different way. We can do a lot of fun things with her. I don't want to spoil too much about how she uses her powers, but they're fun and bouncy," Amanat told EW in an interview.

She defended the decision to change Khan's powers as the right thing to do "because there are bigger stories to tell."

This remark was something that raised many eyebrows, with fans apparently being tired for every Marvel story constantly building up to something bigger.

Some fans still remain optimistic, though.

Which makes sense, because 'Ms. Marvel' is yet to hit screens on June 8, exclusively on Disney Plus. After that, discussions about whether it was right or wrong to change Kamala Khan's powers could be much more constructive.

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