'Ms. Marvel' Episode 4 Cliffhanger Leaves Fans Stunned

'Ms. Marvel' Episode 4 Cliffhanger Leaves Fans Stunned
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We love a good old cliffhanger in episode 4, but what on Earth just happened?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 4

Wednesday 's new episode of 'Ms. Marvel' had Kamala Khan fans genuinely worried about her future as Marvel sticks to its tradition of ending the fourth episode of its shows with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger.

In the case of 'Ms. Marvel', the ending of episode 4 leaves Kamala in the middle of the Partition – a heartbreaking 1947 event that divided British India into two independent dominions of India and Pakistan. After a violent face-off between the Clandestines and the Red Daggers, Kamala discovers herself in a train station filled with crowds of people.

This happens after Najma, the leader of the Clandestines, strikes Kamala's bangle with a knife. After a blinding flashlight, Kamala appears to be transported to the busy train station full of desperate people.

It's unclear whether Najma's strike triggered a time travel event or Kamala is just having a vision. According to the fans, the latter is unlikely, because everything in the train station looks very real compared to the gusty and choppy visions Kamala's bangle caused.

Despite hardly being able to wait for another week, fans could not love the new episode more.

This is how you make a good episode of #MsMarvel. A great look at a different culture, intriguing world building, good action and a fascinating cliffhanger. – @gimmibox.

The visual depiction of the Partition was what garnered a lot of accolades, as people familiar with the historic event praised it for accuracy, and those who did not know much about it managed to quickly catch up with the overall gloomy atmosphere.

"That cliffhanger was bonkers and this is something I really wanted to see. I know most of us don't know what it was like during the Pakistan Partition and from the small look it seemed really sad. Now, i wonder what the Bangel is trying to tell her." – @wrestlefer34296.

The emotional fans are now anxious to learn more about how Kamala handles the Partition events and if she was truly transported back in time. However, things will only become clearer next Wednesday when the new episode drops on Disney Plus.