'Ms. Marvel' Fans Already Want This Event From Episode 1 to Be Real

'Ms. Marvel' Fans Already Want This Event From Episode 1 to Be Real
Image credit: Legion-Media

Seriously, where do we sign up for something like this in real life? Asking for MCU stans.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 1

In the premiere episode of 'Ms. Marvel' there was an event that practically every MCU fan now lowkey wants to be a part of – even though there is technically no such thing... yet.

Yes, we're talking about Avenger Con – a fan convention dedicated to the Avengers nerds like Kamala Khan, the show's main character.

Seriously, imagine a large-scale fam gathering dedicated to the Avengers exclusively, with standees and possibly even guest appearances by your favorite superheroes. And don't try and tell us that Comic Con already exists, because it's definitely not the same thing.

As depicted in the show, Avenger Con features a lot of cosplayers – for instance, we got to see someone's lovely take on Iron Man.

To fans' great happiness, Marvel President Kevin Feige said in early June that Avenger Con – an event similar to Star Wars Celebration – could actually be possible in the near future and would be "fun" to do.

So maybe there is a chance that you might need your own Iron Man cosplay for the very real Avenger Con, where we can go full Kamala Khan mode and fangirl as much as we want.

Until then, we can just follow Kamala's adventures on Disney Plus, with new episodes arriving every Wednesday.