'Ms. Marvel': Is Kamala Khan a Mutant?

'Ms. Marvel': Is Kamala Khan a Mutant?
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Will we ever learn her superhuman origin for sure?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 6

The 'Ms. Marvel' finale is certainly rich in cliffhangers, but this particular one seems to actually be a big game-changer for the entire cinematic universe.

After multiple fan theories on Inhumans and after being called "Djinn" multiple times, Kamala's origin seems to finally have a name: things point at her being… a mutant. At least that's what her friend, Bruno Carrelli, tells her in the final moments of the episode when the X-Men '97 music theme is heard in the background.

According to Bruno, Kamala's genes have some sort of a "mutation" that regular humans do not have.

The hint seems to be pretty clear: mutants are a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now, and Kamala Khan is one of them. This would be a huge disappointment for those who believed the show will introduce Inhumans and confirm that Kamala is also one, like in the comics.

However, 'Ms. Marvel' seems to have already altered the source material to an extent big enough to suggest that there is still space for Inhumans in the MCU. These hopes are also fueled by the recent Doctor Strange sequel, 'Multiverse of Madness', which featured Black Bolt, who is also an Inhuman in the comics. Besides, Earth-616 pictured in the movie also had Professor X, albeit briefly.

Still, there are plenty of signs that mutants are going to have an important place in the MCU, with fans already excited about the possibility of an X-men reveal coming.

'Ms. Marvel' final episode is currently streaming on Disney Plus.