'Ms. Marvel' Star Explains Why Her Show is Going to Be 'Cheesy', But in a Good Way

Image credit: Marvel Studios

Or do we have to say in a "cosmic" way?

The upcoming show about Kamala Khan, 'Ms. Marvel', has already prompted heated debates online even though fans have not yet seen a single episode. Imran Vellani, the actress set to portray the titular character, is a huge Marvel fan herself, so she stepped forward to defend the show in an interview with Zavvi.

"We are self-aware of how cheesy the show gets sometimes, but when you are growing up everything is so heightened – your emotions, crushes, friendships – it all feels so new. Minor inconveniences also feel like the end of the world," Vellani explained.

According to her, the Ms. Marvel series is going to be a coming-of-age story about a teen superhero, and that bring a certain spirit to the show. The creators decided to "really lean into" the drama that teenagers can face when they desperately want to grow up.

"The creators and directors have done a great job in working with the cast, asking us to share our experiences and bring ourselves to the characters. It was very collaborative," Vellani assured.

Particularly, 'Ms. Marvel' is going to showcase that being a teenager "is awkward, corny, and weird" – especially when the said teenager has superpowers.

Judging by the trailer, the show is really going to set a different vibe from the previous Marvel TV projects, grasping the view of a teen brown girl from New Jersey who acquires the powers similar to her idol – Captain Marvel. The trailer embraces the high-school aesthetics along with the comic book ones in a charming way, but fans have already voiced concerns regarding how Kamala's powers seem to be altered from what was originally described in the comics.

However, both Marvel creative honcho Kevin Feige and the show's co-creator Sana Amanat assured fans that the changes have been made so that Khan belongs better to the MCU lore. Well, we will find out how well she fits on June 8, when 'Ms. Marvel' premieres on Disney Plus.

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