NBC’s Funniest Show Has The Most Devastating Finale Ever

NBC’s Funniest Show Has The Most Devastating Finale Ever
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The series ending was a real tearjerker.


  • Although the finale of The Good Place was logical, it still left the fans devastated.
  • The viewers couldn’t help but feel bad for Janet, who ended up alone.
  • The only character whose story ended properly was Michael.

The Good Place is one of those shows where you think you have it all figured out while you are watching it, but then the story takes a twist so unexpected that it really leaves you with your eyes wide open and thinking "what just happened."

Beware of spoilers, because we are about to tell you exactly what happened.

The show focuses on four people who have died and found out that there's some kind of afterlife. They all meet Michael, who seemingly was the architect of the neighborhood of "the good place" where they all ended up, and start living their lives in paradise. Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani and Jason at first find it difficult to adjust to each other, but at the end they become close friends.

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So when Eleanor finds out that she should not be in this good place because she was a bad person on earth, she reveals her secret to Chidi, who then tries to teach her how to be good. However, towards the end of the first season, Eleanor realizes that they are not in a good place, they are in a bad place and Mike has been torturing them all along.

Well, to make a long story short, Michael rebooted them 802 times, and during all those reboots, the group still understood that something was wrong with the good place. This made Michael realize that humans are capable of more than he thought, and the five of them made it their mission to actually make it to the Good Place.

What Happened to the Good Place Characters Later?

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We almost forgot to mention one more important character of the series, Janet. Janet is not a girl/not a robot and we still really understand what she was, but she was a creature that held all the knowledge of the universe in her.

Each time she was rebooted, she gained more knowledge and became a better version of herself. By the end of the series, she was more intelligent than any supercomputer, but after being in close contact with humans for so long, she had also developed feelings like a normal human.

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Throughout the series, the six of them went through a lot of stuff, but they always came out on top because they trusted each other, learned not to be selfish and really care about each other. Even Mike (a demon!) ended up being a sweet softie.

Eventually, they made it to the good place, but only to realize that it was flawed. However, the team managed to fix the main problem of Heaven by adding a "door" that allows you to leave permanently. And in the final episode of the series, we witness how each of our beloved humans made their decision to leave.

“It was the only series finale where I wasn’t left wishing for another season. It felt totally complete and there was nothing more anyone could possibly add,” Redditor wearecake said.

Is The Good Place Really a Comedy (And Why Is It So Sad Then?)

The first to leave was Jason. Then Tahani realized it was time, but then decided to stay in the afterlife universe to become an architect. Then Chidi left the good place, leaving Eleanor, Janet and Mike alone.

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When Mike realized that he wanted to leave, he found out that it's impossible for him to do so. So Eleanor once again tried her luck with the Judge of the Universe and helped Mike land on Earth as a human. So basically, he got a full life in front of him, instead of disappearing into nowhere, like he initially wanted.

It all became unbearably sad when Eleanor was ready to leave, because it meant that our super Janet would be left all alone.

“I was definitely one of the ones that cried because it was all so bittersweet. I wonder what happens to Janet, our Janet I mean. She's not like the others, she feels. She knows that she's living an endless existence, thanks to all the reboots. I hope she finds peace like all the others,” Redditor dramaqueen005 said.

We never got to see what life without her friends would be like for her, but the feeling that she would be lonely has never left any fan. Yes, it's obvious that she will continue to serve as Janet and help new humans, but once you find out what love is, it's a real torture to live without it, isn't it?