Netflix Is the Wrong Streamer for 'The Sandman', According to Reddit

Netflix Is the Wrong Streamer for 'The Sandman', According to Reddit
Image credit: Netflix

Fans had to wait many years until Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman' got a proper TV adaptation, but now there are some issues with it.

With Netflix being remarkably slow with renewing 'The Sandman ' for season 2, fans are starting to think that the platform was not the right place for the show at the very beginning.

There are several reasons for fans to say so. First of all, people are concerned and upset about the lack of the season 2 announcement – especially in the wake of Netflix being pretty merciless to its recent one-season projects.

Secondly, many people take issue with the network's binge-watching model, which, they argue, simply does not do any good to its shows – especially those that are not immediate and undisputed hits.

According to fans, there are more suitable platforms for 'The Sandman'.

"Netflix was the wrong streamer for this show. Needed HBO proper (not MAX). Needed the prestige," Hulu also could have managed it better IMHO, they are working on Octavia Butler's Kindred and doing a phenomenal job," Reddit user Ambartenen argued.

Others claim that Netflix is interested only in 'Stranger Things ' as well as Korean Shows, and 'Big Mouth', but not in 'The Sandman'.

"Sandman likely won't get renewed because it's taking too long for them to say anything and if it were going to, Netflix would want the actors to start working asap," Reddit user jono9898 said.

Neil Gaiman, the series creator, has explained to outraged fans that such a long time to renew the show is taken by Netflix because the platform still needs to harness and assess the viewership data. Gaiman, however, also indicated that the script for season 2 is ready and only needs a green light to get into production.

Season 1, meanwhile, has been in Netflix's global top 10 for more than six weeks.