Netflix Just Dropped THE Feel-Good Movie of 2024 (and It's Already 86% on Rotten Tomatoes)

Netflix Just Dropped THE Feel-Good Movie of 2024 (and It's Already 86% on Rotten Tomatoes)
Image credit: Film4, Netflix

The new movie may not have gotten the promotion it deserved, but it has already gained a huge audience.


  • Just over a week ago, a new sports drama starring Bill Nighy was released on Netflix.
  • It's about a soccer team made up of homeless people who go to a tournament in Rome.
  • In just a few days, the movie has garnered impressive ratings and views.

Netflix is surely an incredible platform: while some original projects spend literally tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing alone, other original movies and series go completely unnoticed, even if they star world-famous stars. But that's the beauty of streaming services, because no matter how much a particular project is hyped in the media, audiences often prefer something more in tune with their current mood — and the mood of many of us right now is to watch something that warms the soul and provides endless optimism in the face of adversity.

As such, just over a week ago, a new original sports drama starring Bill Nighy was added to the Netflix library, which unfortunately did not receive much attention or media coverage at first.

However, after seeing it, critics and viewers were absolutely thrilled, causing the movie's ratings to skyrocket in the last few days. Let us find out what this movie is all about and why it is the best feel-good drama of 2024.

What Is the New Movie with Bill Nighy About?

We're talking about The Beautiful Game, a movie that hit our small screens on March 29, 2024. It was directed by Thea Sharrock, known for such works as the romantic drama Me Before You starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, Disney 's fantasy drama The One and Only Ivan, and the black mystery comedy Wicked Little Letters. The film stars Bill Nighy, Michael Ward, Valeria Golino, Susan Wokoma and Kit Young.

The Beautiful Game follows a soccer team made up of homeless people as they travel to Rome for the Homeless World Cup. If you're familiar with Ted Lasso, you may remember AFC Richmond's trip to Amsterdam — there was a huge emphasis not only on the soccer itself, but also on the inner state of the club members, their reflections and expectations for their careers and their lives. That's exactly the kind of vibes you should expect from this new feel-good movie.

Critical and Public Acclaim

On Rotten Tomatoes, the critics' score is a respectable 86%. Many critics praised the kindness and optimism of this underdog story, which made it more than just a soccer story.

Although some of the plot twists were predictable and even clichéd at times, the grounded nature of the film, enhanced by memorable performances from Bill Nighy, Michael Ward and Susan Wokoma, as well as subtle British humor, made it relatable and uplifting while addressing pressing social issues with dignity.

The audience score is a bit lower at 74%. Although the plot was inspired by the real-life Homeless World Cup, not everyone found the story believable due to the abundance of typical tropes.

Netflix Just Dropped THE Feel-Good Movie of 2024 (and It's Already 86% on Rotten Tomatoes) - image 1

In addition, the mistreatment of the black characters was criticized as not taking into account their different cultural backgrounds. However, most viewers remained enthralled, appreciating the electric, top-notch acting and the recurring themes of redemption and family that were both heavy and uplifting.

The Movie Made It into the Global Top 10

As we said, the movie became available for streaming on Netflix a little over a week ago, on March 29, 2024. According to What's on Netflix, just a few days later, on April 1, it made its way into the top 25 most watched movies worldwide, coming in at number seven. It climbed two more places a few days later, passing the second and third installments of The Maze Runner, but then slipped back to number seven.

To date, it is now at number 11 in the top 25, but continues to be in many regional top 10s, including Australia, New Zealand, and many countries in Europe and Latin America.