Netflix's Upcoming Supernatural Show is a Must-See for Wednesday Fans

Netflix's Upcoming Supernatural Show is a Must-See for Wednesday Fans
Image credit: Netflix

You’ll be putting your hands-hands-hands up to see this dark new paranormal series.


  • With Season 2 of Wednesday set for release in 2025, fans are eager for a new show.
  • It seems to have many of the qualities that made Wednesday so popular.
  • The show will premiere this month.

Fans need not be dismayed that the gloriously gloomy second season of Wednesday is out of reach for now, because Netflix has another spooky teen mystery coming to the platform in April.

Wednesday marks a new start for the genre

Released in 2022, the supernatural murder mystery series centered on Wednesday Addams took over Netflix and became an instant hit, racking up a record 341 million hours streamed in its first week. With these numbers, Wednesday even managed to beat Stranger Things Season 4, another hugely popular series in the same genre.

Wednesday Addams' dry wit and unique line delivery seemed to revive demand for supernatural teen shows, but the show's second season has been delayed until 2025. This was due to the writers' strikes as well as scheduling conflicts with star Jenna Ortega's ever-growing list of projects. We won't be seeing her in Wednesday this year, but she is set to appear in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice Beetlejuice and Taika Waititi 's Klara and the Sun later this year.

Wednesday's newly fledged army of fans are desperate for something to fill the three-year gap between seasons 1 and 2, and Netflix may have just the thing.

Dead Boy Detectives is set to debut this month

The first season of Dead Boy Detectives, consisting of eight episodes, will premiere worldwide on April 25th of this year. The official teaser trailer dropped in November 2023, showing a teen mystery series with a gruesome twist and a similar feel to Wednesday.

The show will follow Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland, two teens who died decades apart, but chose to stay on Earth instead of moving on to the afterlife, and investigate paranormal mysteries. The duo is joined in their detective agency by a psychic and her friend, who help them solve paranormal mysteries in the world of the living.

Supernatural discoveries won't be the group's only challenge, as the dead best friends must avoid returning to hell, death in human form, and an evil witch out to destroy them.

Wednesday and Dead Boy Detectives have a lot in common

In addition to solving supernatural mysteries and featuring otherworldly creatures, both good and evil, both series are based on well-established franchises. Edwin and Charles, the Dead Boy Detectives, were created for DC in 1991 by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner for comic book publication. The characters appeared in many more issues before being picked up by HBO Max, which ordered a pilot in 2022 before the show moved to Netflix in 2023 and was recast.

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Having an existing fan base will certainly work in Dead Boy Detectives' favor, as while Netflix has released some record-breaking supernatural teen shows, not all of them have been successful. The Society, The Bastard Son & Devil Himself and Lockwood and Co. were all deemed underperforming and canceled early. Lockwood and Co. followed a teenage supernatural detective agency almost parallel to Dead Boy Detectives, will the latter suffer the same fate?

Although Wednesday never proclaimed itself to be a detective show, one of its biggest draws was the fact that the show centered around her gathering clues and solving the murder mystery. With the existing hype around Wednesday and the recent wave of Netflix cancellations, Dead Boy Detectives will be released to fans hungry for another supernatural series and will hopefully be another hit.