No Sparks Here! 5 Most Boring Harry Potter Couples Who Had Zero Chemistry

No Sparks Here! 5 Most Boring Harry Potter Couples Who Had Zero Chemistry
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Harry Potter had a lot of romantic storylines. For every couple that made sparks fly there were a lot more that fans could not stand seeing together.

Why J.K Rowling created so many mismatched pairs is a mystery to us all.

Here are 5 of the worst couples who had absolutely zero chemistry.

Ron and Lavender

After leading the Quidditch team to victory, Lavender began crushing on Ron. She then made advances on him and they shared a kiss. After that the couple was inseparable.

They spent all their free time together, yet Ron made a substantial effort to avoid her as much as possible. The result was Lavender becoming extra clingy.

She was his first girlfriend, so that factor combined with his secret crush on Hermione was a recipe for cringe.

Every moment they shared was all but romantic, and the only real purpose was to make Hermione jealous and gain some feelings for him. Overall it was a weird relationship that nobody blinked an eye at when it ended.

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Bellatrix and Lord Voldemort

One of the more peculiar relationships (if you can call it that) was Bellatrix and Voldemort. She was entirely devoted to him.

Bellatrix would do anything to anybody to ensure he remained pleased. In turn, many lost their lives at her hands all to appeal to the desires of a man who never loved her back.

Though the books never directly mentioned their relationship, it became something that people just understood as time progressed.

In The Cursed Child, it was revealed to readers that Bellatrix had gotten pregnant and given birth to his child. These events transpired between Voldemort's return and the Battle of Hogwarts.

On-screen and in the novels their relationship was void of any chemistry. The power structure in their relationship was a defining factor and obvious to us all.

Viktor and Hermione

When the world-famous Quidditch star came to Hogwarts for a tournament, he took a liking to Hermione and asked her to the Yule Ball. After catching feelings for each other, the two dated for the remainder of the school year.

Now we are all aware of the most inappropriate aspect of their relationship — the age gap. During their time as a couple, Viktor was 18 while Hermione was only 14.

In addition to the gap in age, the couple had no chemistry on screen. In fact, Hermione would have much rather attended the ball with Ron, something she confronted him about many times.

Furthermore, Hermione only viewed the relationship as casual, and could not reciprocate the same emotions that Viktor had towards her.

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Vernon and Petunia

The oddball family of the series, the Dursleys, were disastrous on all fronts. Despite taking Harry in as a baby, they remained distant from him as much as they could. They barely fed the poor child as well as abused him emotionally.

As for the couple themselves, they were odd in the regard that they only seemed to bond over their spoiled-rotten son, Dudley, and their hatred for the world around them.

A prominent force in the earlier novels and films, the couple had the worst chemistry on this list. There were no genuine emotions and the 'love' they held for each other was not authentic in the slightest.

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Harry and Ginny

The couple built a great relationship throughout the novels. Starting as schoolmates and developing a mutual attraction for one another, they had a connection like nobody else. When they began to be struck by cupid's arrows, it was Ginny that took issue with Harry and Cho.

Shortly after, the roles switched, and Harry was jealous over Ginny and Dean. In the end, they ended up a couple, married, and had children.

In the movies, that is where the issue most fans have arises. For starters, Ginny was written substantially better in the novels; and that extends to her relationship with Harry.

In the films, there was a very little build-up to their relationship as well as no clear signal from Harry that he was smitten with her in return.

The actors themselves conducted their scenes very awkwardly, largely because they had known each other from childhood. Whatever you feel went wrong, the movies ultimately failed to recreate the relationship they had in the books.

Love is a Complicated Thing

As the relationships in Harry Potter show, attraction and relationships are complicated. Especially when you have to create one from scratch and then recreate it all over for a different medium of consumption.

Overall, the franchise did a fairly decent job in producing its relationships. Even the ones labeled as the worst, as far as the stories go, represent a certain dynamic that does exist for some couples in the real world.