Noir Has So Many Questions After 'The Boys' Season 3 Trailer – And So Do We

Image credit: Legion-Media

In March, 'The Boys' season 3 trailer was finally released, delivering more questions than answers and introducing a bunch of new characters.

The chaotic season 3 trailer had everyone either "losing their mind or their s**t", as put by the show's official social media accounts. But did we spot at least one character that was absolutely calm?

Yes, Noir. Was that guy literally doodling? Or was he just doing us a favor and listing every single question that the trailer prompted?

Among them… what's Butcher's deal? What's up with Maeve and her sword? And what on Earth should we call Jensen Ackles' character?!

Noir, we feel you. There are just too many questions.

And weird fantasies.

For some people, Noir is just a goal and an icon. Honestly, he's the most chill person in that trailer.

The only advice for us – and for Noir – is to remain this calm until June 3, when 'The Boys' returns on Amazon Prime with season 3. Until then, one can only guess… or monitor Jensen Ackles' account for clarification on his character's true name.

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