Now That Sam Wilson is Captain America, Here's Who Might Become New Falcon

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The shield officially has a new owner, but what about the wings?

Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson is Marvel's new Captain America – this has been established not only by 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier', but also by Chris Evans, the actor behind Steve Rogers, the previous owner of the iconic shield.

However, even though Sam did not appear to rescind his signature wings, incorporating them into his Captain America outfit, it would be reasonable for the MCU to introduce a successor for the role of Falcon.

In the comics, the title went to Joaquin Torres, who is portrayed in the MCU by actor Danny Ramirez. In 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier', Torres already received Sam's wings, so it's possible that the MCU is going to follow the comics on this one.

Something that fueled fans' hopes for that even further was a Twitter post by Ramirez, who teased his appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this year. With 'Captain America 4' being among the projects that might announce something new this Saturday on Marvel's panel, it seems that there might be a new Falcon in town.

Little is known about the upcoming fourth installment of the 'Captain America' franchise, aside from the fact that Mackie will arm himself with a shield once again, and Julius Onah will direct the movie. Dalan Musson is in charge of the script.

On Saturday, however, things might become a lot clearer, with Marvel panel expected to drop a handful of announcements on 'Captain America' as well as other projects like 'Black Panther', 'Echo', and potentially even 'Eternals 2'.

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