'Obi-Wan Kenobi' Reddit Theory is Surprisingly Real-Life Relatable

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With the Galactic Empire being the most powerful evil force in a galaxy far, far away, many people were always shocked to see it defeated again and again.

The Death Star, Darth Vader, the colossal navy ships and millions of loyal stormtroopers certainly put the Empire at the top of the list of greatest threats in the 'Star Wars' universe, but small groups of Jedi and Rebels have still managed to defeat it more than once. But it seems that this long stretch of failure is not really a plot hole designed to ensure that the good guys always defeat the villains, but a very realistic creative solution, as some fans have explained.

In a 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' discussion thread on Reddit one of the Star Wars fans suggested a very plausible-sounding idea explaining why the Jedi have always succeeded in getting the upper hand over the Empire, and it has nothing to do with the Force or lightsaber-mastery. The fact is that the Empire is a huge conglomerate with millions of subjects doing the emperor's bidding, so the logistics of running this vast enterprise must be flawless. And in Palpatine's Empire, of course, this is not the case.

"There is some sort of theory I heard a while back chalking up a lot of the empire’s failures or sheer lack of foresight due to an overstretched budget. Not having guardrails, incompetent officers, ridiculous engineering gaps, etc. In universe headcanon, but it’s funny to think about because we see this in real life consistently?" – /elgrandorado.

Fans were quick to appreciate the ingenuity that was used to create this theory, joking about Empire's financial and logistical problems.

"I love to imagine an entire army of Imperial accountants going "do we really need guard rails?" – /1ilypad.

Indeed, many well-known Star Wars problems can be explained with this theory, even the infamous inability of stormtroopers to shoot at the target.

"I think is just the empire using the cheapest contractors who then do those weird cost saving features to improve profits and so on. Hell stormtrooper have probably guns with bad calibrations, their ships are cheap compared to the rebels, seems like security training is also down. Hell even their cyber security is bad," – /Mytre-.

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