One Attack on Titan Plot Twist Was a Lot More of a Game-Changer Than You Thought

One Attack on Titan Plot Twist Was a Lot More of a Game-Changer Than You Thought
Image credit: Crunchyroll

Attack On Titan continues to reveal its mysteries, and now we know that the scene where Eren kisses Historia's hand makes much more sense than fans expected.

The scene of the awarding of the Survey Corps, where Eren kisses the hand of the new queen, is the turning point of the anime.

From that moment on, viewers can count Marley's life meter.

In that exact moment Eren's terrible transformation began, from a naive boy who wanted to avenge his mother's life, to the fearsome Founding Titan, ready to wipe an entire country from the face of the earth, if only to gain freedom.

But what was it that Eren saw that was so important and terrible, that led to such consequences?

When Eren touched Historia, the memories of the Titan's previous owner, Eren's father, Grisha, flooded over him. Until recently, fans thought that Eren only opened the memories of the murder of the Reiss and Grisha's childhood.

However, as it turned out, this moment played a much larger, one could even say decisive role in the fate of Eren and the whole world, as the main character lied about the extent of the memories of the past and the future he received.

We will figure it out in order. Having kissed Historia's hand, Eren falls into the past. There he sees his father and the murder of the Reiss family, which Eren from the future convinced him to do.

As fans will recall, one of the powers of the Attacking Titan is the ability to see the future of its next owners. Later on, Grisha confirmed that he had seen the future of Eren and the fate that awaits the human race.

Under these circumstances, viewers can understand that the physical contact with Historia allowed Eren to see not only a piece of Grisha's past, but also his own entire future, which Grisha already knew.

This fact explains a lot, including why Eren was not surprised (spoiler alert, we guess) when Sasha died. He already knew that this would happen.

Apparently, Eren's decision not to impose his will on his friends is also connected with his knowledge of how it might play out.

Fans will be able to witness the fate of all humanity in the fall of 2023, when the final series of Attack on Titan will be released.