One Bridgerton Cover of the 2000s Pop Anthem That Fans Never Got to Hear

One Bridgerton Cover of the 2000s Pop Anthem That Fans Never Got to Hear
Image credit: Netflix

Would’ve hit harder than Pitbull.

There are many things that people find so fascinating about Bridgerton. Some enjoy the Regency fashion, others get caught up in the romantic tropes that each sibling's love story represents, and some are just there for the fun of the balls and the instrumental covers of modern songs.

The latter, for example, is exactly what made Bridgerton go viral again after season 3. And while the instrumental version of Pitbull’s hit Give Me Everything breaks all the charts thanks to Penelope and Colin’s romantic scene, there is one pop hit of the same era that has been banished from the season altogether.

Benedict and Lady Tilley’s Dance

While season 3, part 1 of Bridgerton wasn't particularly exciting for the second son of the family, Benedict, who did his best to avoid young debutantes, he did have some intriguing encounters with a strong-willed and open-minded widow, Lady Tilley Arnold.

So far, it's hard to tell where this relationship will take him, but the two have already shared some very passionate scenes, including a dance. However, according to Luke Thompson, who portrays Benedict, and his co-stars, that scene didn't go as originally planned.

The problem the production had was with the song the couple was supposed to dance to. Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous, the 2006 pop hit that is still popular enough to be played in many bars, was the song everyone had in mind while rehearsing the scene and practicing the dance.

However, the final result was accompanied by the track from Bridgerton's original soundtrack. And although the reason for the change wasn't given, Luke Thompson had to mention the song during MTV's Music to Blank to feature. Although it must have been nice to actually mention the track, the actor still wasn't too happy about the change.

Aside from Pitbull, the new season of Bridgerton's has already featured such hits as Dynamite by BTS and Sia's Cheap Thrills, so losing a pop anthem wasn't too much of a deal. Besides, there is still a second part of the season that will premiere on June 13, so be sure to check it out for more music and some banging hits.