One Of The Biggest Plot Twists In MCU's History Was Just A Lucky Happenstance, According To The Russos

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At this point, millions of MCU fans think of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige as a mastermind who takes great care to ensure that all productions follow his elaborate plans. Yet 'Avengers' director paints an entirely different picture – according to him, MCU never really had a thorough plan.

Joe Russo stated that Feige's brilliance lies in this exact unpredictability. As a creative mind, Marvel's overseer never wholeheartedly depends on a set plan, diverging from it is necessary.

"There's an idea, but you can't have a plan if the movie you're making tanks. There's no plan after that. Right? So, it's really about, as the movie succeeded, there was sort of an enthusiasm about well, what else could we do? And then that's when new ideas would come out… a lot of the stuff was made up in between the movies. And some of the best call forwards or callbacks were thought of after the fact", the director told Deadline.

The example that illustrates such an approach can be found in 'Captain America: Civil War'. According to Russo, the decision behind making Bucky Barnes responsible for the death of Tony Stark's parents was just a lucky "happenstance". Seeing how this major narrative plot-point, that ultimately defined the fates of some of the leading MCU characters, was made on-the-go, one can conclude that Feige's hidden strategy really works quite well.

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