One Severance Episode Was So Intense, It Literally Made Fans Scream At Their TV

One Severance Episode Was So Intense, It Literally Made Fans Scream At Their TV
Image credit: Apple TV+

Severance was an intense show that gripped viewers and, as one fan put it, "was worth an Apple TV sub".

And the finale was an episode that had fans literally screaming at the TV – even those who are not usually prone to such outbursts. Indeed, according to many Reddit users, it's the most intense episode of any TV show ever.

One fan who describes themselves as "not a very reactive person at all when watching stuff", "yelled" at their TV as Mark shouted "she's alive" and the screen cut to black.

Another was full of praise for the finale, saying the intensity it brought "didn't feel forced".

In fact, the whole thread is crammed with comments about how Severance got under the skin of viewers in a way that few TV shows can do.

One user described how they "let out an involuntary gasp" as season 1 came to an end. And it was only as they did that, they realised they'd been holding their breath for "the entire episode".

But not everybody was sitting holding their breath. One user described how they spent the whole episode "pacing back and forth".

Yes, Severance truly was, as one fan said, a "wild ride".

But spare a thought for a couple who watched the season finale without realising it was the season finale and thought there was another episode to come.

The show, they said, was "so amazing". And I get the impression they may have been understating their true feelings when they described the realisation that season 1 was over as "so disappointing".

Although, there's every chance that how they really felt is not something that can be broadcast without offending someone.

And it wasn't just the finale that had fans on the edge of their seats. One described how they thought they were "going to have a panic attack" when Mark was constantly interrupted while trying to talk to his sister.

For all its intensity and intrigue, though, the show is over. But let's look on the bright side. There's going to be a second season!

Even if it hadn't been in the offing, the way the show was received would surely have forced the network's hand. But it's pretty obvious from the way it ended that there is far more of this story to tell.

And while no release date has yet been revealed, that may not be a bad thing. Because a few of us need to give our hearts a rest before we dive back into the intensity.