One TBBT's Nice Guy Who Actually Wasn't All That Nice At All

One TBBT's Nice Guy Who Actually Wasn't All That Nice At All
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Too bad he never tried a fedora on.


  • The Big Bang Theory was a CBS sitcom that has been on the air from 2007 to 2019.
  • Of all the male characters Leonard was considered to be the less flawed one, to balance out his friends.
  • However, fans believe that he wasn’t that good of a guy all along.

The Big Bang Theory was an undeniable hit in the 2000s, with all the jokes aimed at the predominantly male audience. The show was great not only because it allowed people to understand the nature of more nerdy groups that were considered extremely uncool, but also because it helped popularize the image of them in the culture.

Since then, the sitcom has become something of a classic. Although it has certainly not aged well and would be viewed very differently through the prism of today's norms, viewers are still loyal to it. The Big Bang Theory provides comfort to many people, letting them know that they are great just the way they are.

However, it's hard to ignore how different the characters that people used to love are now perceived. In rewatch after rewatch, the audience slowly realizes that every single person portrayed on the show is just as flawed as the next.

And even Leonard, who was supposed to be the heart and soul of the group of friends and the perfect guy for Penny to rely on, is nothing more than the usual Reddit ‘nice guy’ type.

Was Leonard A Good Match For Penny

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Like many other sitcoms in the 2000s, The Big Bang Theory didn't really bother with thoughts of feminism and equality. Instead, it exploited the hot, blonde, and slightly stupid next-door neighbor trope to the fullest through Penny. She was the one Leonard was interested in.

And she was the one Leonard couldn't get because she didn't pay nearly enough attention to him.

Looking back at the show, it is clear that Leonard acted with a dedication to winning her that bordered on obsession. He wasn't just nice, he was really exhausting in his pursuits, and after a while of avoiding him, she simply had no choice but to give in. When that happened, the toxicity on his part never stopped.

Leonard stooped to joking about her intelligence, doubting her career aspirations, reading her personal diary, and admitting to cheating on her on their wedding day. Of course, this does not undermine all the crazy things the other characters did to each other. That was the tone of the show.

But only Leonard was supposed to be completely likable and nice overall. Too bad, no amount of self-deprecating jokes could hide his true personality.

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