One Thing You Missed About Snape vs. McGonagall Duel That Will Make You Cry

One Thing You Missed About Snape vs. McGonagall Duel That Will Make You Cry
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Although the last Harry Potter movie was released over a decade ago, its legacy is so cherished by fans that they continue to find new details that give it deeper meaning.

Everyone who has seen the movie is familiar with the duel scene between Snape and McGonagall, and many have wondered why Snape, a strong wizard, could not stand up to McGonagall. The thing is, he didn't even try.

If you look closely at Snape's actions, you can see that he is not only deflecting spells, but deflecting them so that they can hit the Death Eaters standing behind him – Alecto and Amycus.

The fans were delighted with such a discovery, which is yet another demonstration of Snape's nobility. However, that was only in the movie; in the book, Severus' behavior was completely different.

"This was a good move on the part of movie makers, but it is not how it happened in the book-snape does attack-and he does not knock out the carrows. However I do like what the movie is trying to convey in this scene," Reddit user Shylamb commented.

Some question this theory, as many forget that McGonagall's power is not only that of turning into a cat, but that she is actually a very powerful wizard, perhaps even more powerful than Snape.

"People tend to forget that since she's not a target of fandom lust. I recall reading JKR talking about Snape vs. McGonagall, and she said that, in a real fight between the two of them, McGonagall would win. There's a reason she's Dumbledore's second in command," Reddit user silkarth said.

It turned out that this was not the only detail that many overlooked in this scene. After the spells have knocked out Alecto and Amycus, Severus decides to leave the school in a hurry, but first he takes the wands and the Death Eaters.

Fans have noticed that Snape jumps weirdly and then the wands fly up right before he storms out of Hogwarts.

According to the fandom, it was Snape trying to do his best to prevent the rest of the Death Eaters from harming the students.

Fans are grateful to the filmmakers for such a multifaceted and moving revelation of the fate of one of the franchise's most beloved and interesting characters.

Up to this day (or should we say after all this time?), Severus Snape will forever be remembered by fans as a model of dedication and sacrifice.