One Time Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Brilliantly Hinted at the Plot Twist

One Time Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Brilliantly Hinted at the Plot Twist
Image credit: Legion-Media

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 remains unbeatable at the box office, and the movie is beloved by the fans. Although, one joke wasn't much appreciated at the time.

There is a running gag throughout the movie featuring Nebula and the Yaro Root. When Nebula is brought aboard the ship, she requests to eat the fruit because she is hungry.

First, Gamora refuses, saying, "It's not ripe," then Drax does for the same reason. Nebula finally breaks free and eats the Yaro Root only to prove her fellow Guardians right as the fruit isn't ripe indeed (she says so herself).

The whole joke sequence fell flat with the fans, and many scolded the creators for including it for no reason at all. Was it really that unnecessary?

Not quite. There is a peculiar theory that provides an elaborate explanation and purpose for the seemingly dumb joke.

In the movie, we find out that Star-Lord is half-Celestial, and his maniac of a father Ego hasn't rested in his quest to sire a worthy offspring that would help him activate his terraforming process.

What does this have to do with the joke, you might ask? Quite a lot! Basically, the Guardians discover a bunch of skeletons of said offspring and learn that Ego had Yondu collect them as kids and bring them to him.

Peter is the only child that Yondu failed to deliver over the years, which is why he was able to grow up and into his Celestial nature.

It's all connected. That it's-not-ripe joke actually foreshadows Ego's merciless killing of his children (at a very young age) who didn't get a chance to become Celestials, and some fans believe that if he had let them live and grow up, they would all turn out as half-Celestial Quill.

However, since they weren't "ripe," they couldn't serve Ego's purpose, making them completely useless to him.

That perspective truly showcases Ego's cruelty on a whole other level. The joke doesn't seem so out of place now, does it?

Though Karen Gillan 's delivery is still questionable, and the joke certainly seems a little out of character for Nebula. Oh well, nothing is perfect.