One Wanda Scene in 'Multiverse of Madness' That Went Too Far

One Wanda Scene in 'Multiverse of Madness' That Went Too Far
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This is not your average PG-13, no sir.

If you have yet to see 'Multiverse of Madness',


Long time ago Scott Derrickson, the director of 'Doctor Strange ', promised Marvel fans that the sequel would surprise viewers, being the first ever MCU horror film. Derrickson departed the project and Sam Raimi took over, but that promised horror vibe remained – and now is being praised as the best part of the film. However, even with Sam Raimi actively pushing the limits of PG-13, there's one scene that admittedly went way too far.

With Wanda's surprising (or maybe not that surprising, given the events of 'WandaVision') progression to the supervillain, 'Multiverse of Madness' is, perhaps, the most gruesome and dark movie in Marvel universe so far. And Wanda is responsible for almost every death in this movie, killing brutally and without hesitation. Getting rid of every member of the Illuminati single-handedly, Wanda proved to be of the most dangerous adversaries of Doctor Strange. However, even her fighting against the Illuminati (and subsequently killing every one of them) is not as dark as a one scene after that – a scene that, admittedly, went too far and left some fans outraged.

In the second act of the movie Wanda holds every sorcerer that were left alive hostage in Kamar-Taj. One of the sorcerers manages to free herself and destroys the Darkhold, aka 'The Book of the Damned', a spellbook Wanda got her hands on in 'WandaVision'. Seeing this, Wanda loses it completely – and then kills the sorcerer by burning her alive.

Now, in ten+ years of the MCU we've seen a lot. Superheroes dying, innocent people getting hurt, loved ones lost in brutal battles. But never in the history of MCU and its PG-13 films have we seen something as dark as people being actually burned. Alive.

No wonder lots of people (Elizabeth Olsen 's Wanda fans first of all) thought that this scene went too far. Even aside from it being perhaps the cruelest way to kill someone, there's another question: how do you redeem someone this cruel? Or, as one of the fans put it,

You literally cannot redeem and put back in a hero position a character that caused wanton destruction, brutally murdered someone by burning them and threatened to kill everyone in the world.