Only Biggest Marvel Fans Will Pass This She-Hulk Quiz

Only Biggest Marvel Fans Will Pass This She-Hulk Quiz
Image credit: Legion-Media

Having first appeared in Marvel comics back in the 80s, She-Hulk is finally making her first steps in the MCU with 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' premiering on Disney+ in less than a week on August 17. How well do you know the character played now by Tatiana Maslany? Take this quiz and let's find out!

The Hulk's cousin Jennifer Walters was one of the last characters co-created by Marvel legend Stan Lee personally with the help of the artist John Buscema after the success of 'The Incredible Hulk' TV series (starring Lou Ferrigno, it was actually quite a huge deal back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, even though nowadays it's mostly a meme folder due to, well, somewhat lacking superhero costumes and makeup). The inspiration for She-Hulk, however, wasn't 'The Incredible Hulk' but a completely different show: a female-led spin-off of 'The Six Million Dollar Man' titled 'The Bionic Woman', and not so much because of great characters but mainly because of ownership rights loopholes. Fearing that Universal (the studio behind 'The Incredible Hulk') might do what they did previously with 'The Six Million Dollar Man' (creating a spin-off thus securing ownership rights), Marvel had to stake their claim and create "a female version" of The Hulk before Universal would do something like that, forcing Marvel to share ownership rights.

Even though She-Hulk was born somewhat out of legal necessity, she subsequently became one of the most complex Marvel characters ever created by Stan Lee. Struggling with her father's abuse and having to often hide in a public library for hours, cousin Bruce by her side, Jennifer was very relatable and extremely likeable. No wonder that 40 years later Marvel decided to give her another shot at new level of popularity by creating a solo TV series.