Oppenheimer Predicted to Be Nominated for 12 Oscars, and Here's the Details

Oppenheimer Predicted to Be Nominated for 12 Oscars, and Here's the Details
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If the projection turns out to be correct, Oppenheimer will be a massive win for Nolan.

Oppenheimer has been expected to be a massive success ever since we started learning more about the movie. The star-studded cast alone made it obvious that Christopher Nolan 's new project was no ordinary cinematic experience, and all the behind-the-scenes details that had been leaking from the set only made the anticipation grow.

Then came Barbenheimer, and the sheer volume of this meme and movement made it impossible for the movie to fail. On its opening weekend, Nolan's three-hour-long biopic managed to collect over $174 million worldwide. For a film of its genre, this achievement isn't just huge — it's simply phenomenal.

Now, Variety predicts that for Oscars 2024, Oppenheimer will be nominated in 12 categories. Judging by the success the movie is currently enjoying, this outcome is more than possible — but let's take a look at which categories Nolan's new blockbuster would likely fill for the next ceremony.

Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor — Cillian Murphy
Best Supporting Actor — Robert Downey Jr.
Best Supporting Actress — Emily Blunt
Best Cinematography
Best Production Design
Best Adapted Screenplay
Best Original Score
Best Sound
Best Film Editing
Best Visual Effects

This looks like quite a solid pool of nominations, doesn't it? Though that's only an educated guess from the industry professionals, most fans would agree that the projection looks more than reasonable.

If we were to take our own guesses, we'd say that the movie would bag more than a couple of awards at the next ceremony. However, we're low-key afraid to promise these things: the Oscars are now far less predictable now than they used to be in the past.

But even with that in mind, the projection looks really promising for Oppenheimer and its creative team, and fans can't help but hope that the next Academy Awards ceremony gives the movie its due. For now, we're just excited to follow the movie's box-office growth and all the media buzz surrounding the project.

Be sure to check out Oppenheimer in theaters to see for yourself if the movie is worth all the awards.

Source: Variety