Overlooked 2005 Thriller Cillian Murphy Doesn't Want You to See is Now on Netflix

Overlooked 2005 Thriller Cillian Murphy Doesn't Want You to See is Now on Netflix
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The time when even the mild-mannered Murphy made unflattering remarks about a movie he was involved in.


  • In a recent conversation with GQ, Cillian Murphy mentioned which movie he thought was the worst in his career.
  • It turned out to be a thriller directed by Wes Craven in which Murphy starred opposite Rachel McAdams and Brian Cox.
  • The movie is available on Netflix in most countries and on Prime in the US.

Cillian Murphy's career spans over 25 years and let's face it, the actor is adored by everyone and everywhere. He is the darling of all of Ireland, all of the United Kingdom, Hollywood and, of course, the entire Internet. Whether you associate the charming Irishman with the role of Jim from 28 Days Later, Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders, Scarecrow from The Dark Knight trilogy, or J. Robert Oppenheimer from Christopher Nolan 's latest Oscar-winning film, his characters, despite sharing the same blue eyes, are strikingly different from one another.

Of course, throughout his prolific career on stage and screen, Murphy has managed to be involved in both excellent and, to put it mildly, mediocre projects. However, there is one movie that he personally does not consider to be the best of his career and that he sincerely wishes his fans would not see.

Unfortunately, in this case, they won't even have to search, because the movie in question is available on Netflix in many countries around the world. Let's find out what kind of movie it is and why Murphy himself doesn't speak highly of it.

Cillian Murphy on His Least Favorite Role

Speaking to GQ, the Irish actor admitted that he hasn't seen all the movies he's been in:

'Generally, the ones I haven't seen are the ones I hear are not good,' he shared. However, the movie we are going to talk about, which the actor apparently saw, did not make a big impression on Cillian.

This is the 2005 thriller Red Eye, directed by none other than horror legend Wes Craven. The screenplay was written by Carl Ellsworth, and the leads, along with Murphy, were played by Rachel McAdams and the legendary Brian Cox, now known to younger generations for his role in Succession.

As the title suggests, the story revolves around a red-eye flight. According to the plot, Lisa Reisert (McAdams) is on her way to Miami when she meets an attractive young man named Jackson Rippner (Murphy). However, he turns out to be a terrorist intent on eliminating the United States Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, and so he gets close to Lisa, who is the manager of the hotel where the official and his family are staying. Unfortunately, the matter cannot be limited to him, as it is planned to explode the entire hotel, and Lisa's father (Cox) is staying there.

'I don't think it’s a good movie. It's a good B movie,' Murphy said. This time, however, the actor was much more restrained in his choice of words. In 2021, he told Uproxx that it was not just a 'good B movie,' but even worse, a 'schlocky B movie.'

Although Murphy finds the movie mediocre, he agreed to participate because of the role of the terrorist, which intrigued him with its ambiguity.

'I think it's the duality of it. It's why I wanted to play it. That two thing. The nice guy and the bad guy in one. The only reason it appealed to me is you could do that. That turn, you know?'

And now the role of the suave yet psychopathic Jackson Rippner can be seen on Netflix, as Red Eye is now available on the service in most countries around the world!

Unfortunately, this is not relevant for US residents — here you can watch the movie by subscribing to Prime Video, Paramount+ or Fubo TV. The movie is also available to buy or rent on most major platforms.