Paramount’s New 91%-Rated Historical Drama Is the New Grand Budapest Hotel

Paramount’s New 91%-Rated Historical Drama Is the New Grand Budapest Hotel
Image credit: Paramount+, Fox Searchlight Pictures

Ewan McGregor gets stuck in a luxurious hotel, and we love to see it.

Yet another historical drama, but with a grain of fable, is landing on Paramount+ on March 31, and boy are we ready for this one.

Starring Ewan McGregor as an aristocrat in the post-Revolutionary Russia, A Gentleman in Moscow is based on Amor Towles’s book of the same name and seems to be continuing Wes Anderson’s trend of placing all the characters and everything that’s happening to them within the limits of just one building.

Though the plot itself has little to do with the Grand Budapest Hotel. Set in the post-October Revolution era, the story follows Count Alexander Rostov who, instead of an expected death sentence, receives a softened, yet weird punishment from the Soviet authorities — deprived of all his titles and wealth, Rostov gets imprisoned in the attic of Moscow’s chic Metropol Hotel.

Though the main character is forbidden to leave the hotel, the life revolving around him doesn’t stop — just like the history course that takes abrupt turns as Rostov is wandering along luxurious halls of the hotel seeking companionship and someone’s love.

For the upcoming series McGregor reunited with his real-life wife Mary Elizabeth Winstead on the screen for the third time — before they already appeared together in Fargo and Birds of Prey. And their dynamic duo seems to be one of the main reasons for the show’s prior success with settling 91% on Rotten Tomatoes before the official release.

Those who already got to see A Gentleman in Moscow praise the main actors’ brilliant performances as well as the luminous chemistry between McGregor and Winstead that brings some more refreshing sensations to seemingly prudish historical romances.

Though the romance in the series will sometimes also be receiving some breaks for the main character to develop unlikely friendships with other hotel guests.

A Gentleman in Moscow’s episodes will appear one by one each week on Paramount+.