Prime’s R-Rated Drama Is a Hidden Gem for All Fans of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Duo

Prime’s R-Rated Drama Is a Hidden Gem for All Fans of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Duo
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The collaboration of the two talented friends has again borne fruit.


  • Affleck’s directed sports movie features the favorite acting duo back on the big screens together.
  • The film’s plot focuses on the story of the creation of Air Jordan.
  • It makes a nail-biting well-written drama out of a seemingly simple story.

Back in 1997, the touching masterpiece Good Will Hunting shined mostly due to the successful collaboration of the two best friends, who wrote the script and starred in the movie too. Apart from playing in Kevin Smith’s cinema universe in Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob movies, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck got back together for the 2021 mixedly received historical drama The Last Duel.

However, you may have missed Affleck’s recent directorial success, in which the duo starred and served as the producers. Based on the true story, it follows the launch of Air Jordan, a line of basketball shoes produced by Nike in collaboration with rookie player Michael Jordan.

Set in 1984, it revolves around Sonny Vaccaro (played by Affleck), Nike's basketball talent scout, who is tasked to come up with a new brand ambassador for Nike basketball shoes to raise the decreasing income of the company’s shoe division. He is controlled by the co-founder and CEO of Nike, Inc., Phil Knight, portrayed by Damon.

Prime’s R-Rated Drama Is a Hidden Gem for All Fans of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s Duo - image 1

The story of how Nike managed to get Michael Jordan as their spokesperson seems to be one of the most boring things ever. Nevertheless, the main beauty of the movie is that it surprisingly makes a well-built and capturing roller coaster out of it.

The dialogues of this sports drama transform boring board discussions into intriguing wordplay with no censorship. Affleck’s character’s challenge to convince the basketball star to take part in their avanteur is presented like an entertaining game.

Besides, it leans perfectly on the era when it’s set, as the perfectly created atmosphere of the 1980’s and numerous callbacks to those years’ events and pop culture entities are one of the main movie’s advantages before other recent sports dramas.

We’re talking about the 2023 biopic titled Air, which received a decent 93% of critical acclaim on Rotten Tomatoes. It became one of the biggest Prime’s successes, which rekindled people’s interest in Affleck and Damon’s works together.

It is worth-watching even if you’re not into basketball. Nike and sports at all, as it presents a kind of unique storytelling and convincing acting.

Stream Air to celebrate the filmmaking duo, as it’s now available on Prime.